35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii.. My 35 week is running.. M suffering from fever.. Can I take Half tablet of Crocin.. or what should I do.. Suggest Me home remedies.. Eyes me b bhut pain ho rha h bhut heaviness feel ho rha h..

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Answer: Don't take any medicine without your doctor's approval. Consult her and she ll give you medication. Kerp yourself hydrated and rest. Meanwhile you can also drink ginger tea.
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Question: 35 week pregnant i have body pain like fever from morning plz suggest me some home remedies for this
Answer: Congratulations for ur pregnancy. Please relax, drink more water n be hydrated. Its hot flash. Tat may go away in a day or two. If u feel more sick, please consult ur gynaecologist.
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Question: Hlo mam mera 29 week running h and i m suffering from fever yesterday and headache plz suggest me any tablet and home remedies
Answer: Hello dear Dont panic if u have fever and body pain in pregnancy. But u have to take proper medication as it can affect ur baby too. It can be cought by cold or cough. Following remedies u can try to get relief from fever: 1. Add one teaspoon of tulsi (basil) leaves to a cup of hot water and steep for five minutes. Drink it thrice or four times a day 2. Add one teaspoon of mustard seeds to a cup of hot water and steep for five minutes and then drink. If fever does not go with above remedies then better u can consult ur doctor Headache during pregnancy tend to be related more often to poor posture and tension from carrying extra weight. Headaches during  the pregnancy may also be caused by a condition called preeclampsia, which is high blood pressure during pregnancy Remedies for headache : 1. Avoid headache triggers 2 .Include physical activity in your daily routine 3. .Manage stress. 4. Practice relaxation techniques. 5. Eat regularly 6. Follow a regular sleep schedule
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Question: My baby 8month half she is suffering from fever please suggest me home remedies..
Answer: Dear If the fever is above 100 C Do not wait for home remedies but see a paediatrician quickly as baby will need immediate treatment with calpol and 2.5 ml and antibiotic. Is baby suffering from cold and flu then seek Dr tomorrow.
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