39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my 39th week is running.. muze Baar Baar bathroom aati hai, 4-5 times in a day, this is normal ? ya fir muze Dr se consult karna padega?? plz help

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Answer: As your pregnancy progress, your growing uterus squishes other organs especially your bladder. That's the reason pregnant women pee at every half an hour. Keep drinking lots of water and use washroom frequently. Don't avoid drinking water as it might lead to dehydration which in turn causes early labour.
Answer: it's normal
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Question: my baby is 5 months old. usko bahut laar aati h. pura time ponchhna padhta hai. is it normal? kya karna chahiye? kya dr. se consult karna chahiye?
Answer: it is normak..dont worry..He's teething. Put a bib on him to catch the drool and let him have at it.
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Question: In pregnancy time if bathroom comes 3 or 4 times a day it is normal
Answer: Hi Dear, This is the most common in pregnancy. It is more than 3 to 4 times also. No need to worry. This is due to enlarege of uterus and pressure will be on the bladder. Don't feel like pee passage. Keep your mind attention on your baby. Don't avoid taking of fluids because our body required more fluids, otherwise dehydration will causes urinary infections. Take less fluids while going for bed. Hope will help this.
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Question: Hello its 38 week running and water level is 5 cm dr told c-sec karna padega
Answer: Yes fluid is low min 8 - 10 is required for normal. Go for one More scan from different radiologist.
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Question: My 7months 7days old baby does potty 4 -5 times a day. Is this normal?
Answer: Its normal.. When u introduce solids to ur baby his potty increases.
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