36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 37 week is just started and I found light brown vaginal discharge. Is it OK or I should consult with doctor?

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Answer: Hi, Any time you have vaginal bleeding, you should talk to your doctor. "In your second or third trimester, it could mean you have a tear in your placenta or another problem that should be diagnosed by ultrasound,"  "But don't panic, most bleeding during pregnancy doesn't lead to long-term problem.
Answer: If it is heavy flow of Brown discharge consult to your doctor and also white discharge also symptom of labour pain
Answer: If it is little and just once or twice, no need to worry but take good rest. Dont get strained
Answer: Consult ur doctor immedatly. It may be sign of labour
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Question: Hi I am 8 week pregnant and I found very light bloodstain/ light brown discharge ..Is that make any issues? Did I need to consult my doctor?
Answer: Very light stain is quite normal in first trimester as the blood supply to cervix and vagina gets increased.even light blood discharge is seen when heavy work is done and after sex.don't get panic,take rest.If blood discharge is more so that you need a pad or for more than week days consult you doctor.In my 7 th week I underwent with same issue. My doc said it's quite normal.
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Question: Hi.. I have 31 week pregnancy and from morning I have light brown discharge. Is it ok or I should consult a Dr.?
Answer: It is better to consult the doctor. As though it is nothing to worry and might be old blood coming out. But chances of complications can be there. So better would be not to take the risk.
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Question: My 6th week started but today I had light Brown vaginal discharge with white discharge,is it normal?
Answer: Brownish discharge can be old blood coming out now. Hence nothing to worry but still better once consult the doctor.
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