22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my 21 week has start but untill m not feel any movement of my baby... what's a problem? my weight is 76 is there any problem?

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Answer: Normally, baby movements are felt by 21 weeks. But in some cases, the feel of movement happens in 22nd or 23rd week. Don't stress yourself. Try doing pranayam for 15 mins daily.
Answer: don't worry, You will soon feel your vaby movements with in a week, some womens may feel the movements in 21st week but for some in next weeks
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Question: I'm 21 week pregnant woman .but I can not feel any movement of my child. have any problem there
Answer: Hello dear... Usually fetal movements start from 15-25weeks,but in case of first pregnancy,you will start noticing close to 26 week only,so it is perfectly normal, don't get worried, fetal movement may be like butterfly click, twittering,swigg or roll
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Question: I m 21 week pregnant. I dont feel baby movement frequently.is there any problem?
Answer: Hi Dear, Usually baby movements we can feel after 20 weeks gestation. But sometimes it takes more time. You need to wait for few more weeks to feel kicks. Nothing to worry. Its not a serious problem.
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Question: I m 29 week pragnent but my baby's movement is not regular is there any problem?
Answer: Noo... Its ok... U need to count 10 movement in an hour
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