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Question: My LMP was on 29th sep and no period since then. Usual cycle range is max 25 day cycle. I Tested twice its coming Negative. breasts have little enlarged and sore nipples. When should I test ?

Answer: u should consult a doctor...i faced the same problem nd when i consulted doctor ...they found a cyst in my stomach due to which my perios is not coming nd also pregnancy test comes negative
Answer: Be positive dear, sometime this kits shows negative results,but you could be pregnant, better consult a gyanacologist.
Answer: Better consult a doctor you can able identify pregnancy maximum 15 days from your missed periods
Answer: Plz consult ur doctor.. sometimes hpt or blood test are coming negative due to some problem.
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    Rekha Rajpal95 days ago

    My lmp dtd. 8/11 pls tell me my fertile time

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    Anonymous Mom92 days ago

    Hello Rekha , ur fertile time depends upon ur period cycle. No one can know there exact fertile time. U can have intercourse from day 11 to day 21 on alternate day.. bt on day 14 -16 do everyday because most ovulation happens on 14 to 16 day of ur period date.. have healthy food & plenty of water . Take care . God dust .

Answer: Test for pregnancy under a's best to confirm ur diagnosis as early as possible
Answer: Or go for blood test it's more accurate and shows earlier
Answer: It could be harmonal imbalance dear i m facing same
Answer: Repeat after one week for accurate result
Answer: it s bettr to go for a blood test...
Answer: Try with your first urine.
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Answer: U can do your first urine test ie in the morning... Usually first urine tells whether your pregnant or not
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Question: I donno what is happening with me since yesterday brown discharge is coming no pain nothing very little its coming i even took progesterone injection also using susten 200mg twice a day donno y its no stopping at all. I'm
Answer: I told my doctor also she said u have to take medication n see weather it is stopping or not take rest she said that's all.
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Question: My sore breasts arent sore anymore! Is this normal??? I am 5/6 weeks pregnant and the last few weeks I've had cramping and sore and enlarged breasts. The last few days I've had no cramping and no soreness. I dont think I'm tired (more than usual!!) and dont have sickness although I dont really have an appetite for anything. Anyone else had sore breasts that have then dissapeared this early? I'm worried that its a bit early for the soreness to stop. I know people are saying that its lucky not to have symptoms but its worrying too. Does anyone know when/how long breast soreness is a symptom for?
Answer: I didn't had soreness in breast for my two pregnancies... Its normal only
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