10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My lmp was 14 nov. I took ultrasound yesterday and in that the gestation sac was of 7 weeks and it was showing no embryon in it.

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Answer: Don't worry you should repeat the scan after a week then the meanwhile you should take complete rest and eat healthy. In some cases it can be the sign of miscarriage
Answer: Nothing to worry. It will be visible in the next scan. Stay positive
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Question: I went for ultrasound in that sac was showing of 5 weeks inspite I m 6 weeks pregnant ?? But there was no heartbeat
Answer: dont worry dear. it happens. with me also that happens.ultrasound tell another geatational age and what we are calculate is from last lmp. and heart beat appearance is different in everybody.some got during 5 week some got after 9 week .so not to worry ratger than any abnormal symtoms like severe abdominal pain,severe cramping, bleeding ,severe headache .
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Question: Yesterday my scan was done according to lmp gestation age is 7 weeks 3 days in sonography shows 5 weeks 0 days with gestational sac no yolk sac and fetus pole what i have to do now
Answer: It happened eith me too... go for 2nd opinion to another doctor... sometimes due to irregular periods our dates cant be predicted according to last lmp. Wait for 2 more weeks and do the scan again... and do for 2nd opinion to another doctor too
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Question: My wife is 7 week 4 days pregnant as per lmp and ultrasound shows her 4 week 6 days pregnant. Gestation sac and yolk sac was seen in the tvs ultrasound but there was no heartbeat and we were told to come back foe ultrasound in 2 weeks. Now we are worried about the negative consequences. Kindly tell is it normal or unusual?
Answer: hi dear! so dear normally the cardiac activity of the fetus starts at 22nd day after fertilization . normally the transvaginal scan (tvs) is more accurate, especially during early pregnancy as it is inserted into your vagina and has better access to the uterus. the best advise is to wait and see what comes in the 2nd ultrasound. we can make a diagnosis only after the ultrasound comes. but dont worry in some females they dont tend to hear the heart beat till 6 weeks of gestation. in such cases ultrasounds are conducted to see what is happening. but in your case its just 4 weeks so dont worry . there reason might be: The gestational age of your pregnancy may also be inaccurate. An irregular ovulation pattern or an inaccurate estimate of your last menstrual cycle can mean that you may not really be 4 weeks pregnant. This could also be a reason for not hearing a heartbeat. so dont worry dear ! stay positive always !
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Question: Lmp was around 6 nov. But the usg on 24 dec showed gestation sac of 10.5 mm with no yolk sac and no fetal pole. Is it progressing to blighted ovum. Till now no nausea.
Answer: Consult with gynaecologist
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