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Question: My LPD was 26th june 2018 because lot of water discharge on 10th feb my Dr operated me on 16th feb. Now my baby is pre mature. Is der anything to worry about???

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Answer: Hello, there are number of cases of premature delivery and the kids are almost fine but some kids may develop jaundice problems , problems with their digestive system anaemia or infections . problems that premature babies may have in their later stage maybe language problems and problems with the teeth and growth and movement problems but not necessarily all the babies will have this my baby was prematurely born and she is absolutely fine so you no need to worry about your baby until and unless if your pediatrician diagnose with some problem in your baby.
Answer: Hello! Premature babies do need extra care. Also they might have some health related problems. It is better that you once consult the doctor and find out how is your baby. Also try to give breastmilk if possible as it will help the baby to recover fast. Take care
Answer: Dear, lots of babies deliver premature and and in most cases baby growing well. They need to extra care only. Whatever the situation, your baby needs the special comfort that you and his dad can give him just as much as he needs medical help. 
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Question: Now I'm 35week , my due date is 10th September 2018 , can i have a C-Section on 26th August 2018
Answer: Hi if your babies health is good and weight is fine you can go for c-section any time after 36th week. Because last think to develop in babies body os kungs that are still developing at 36 th weeks. So in 37 week or after that you can have c -section.
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Question: I had mild white discharge now. Is there anything to worry about ? Can u say the symptoms of water breakage ?
Answer: Water break Hi dear, During pregnancy,your baby is protected in a protective sac with amniotic fluid.once the.mucous plug that closes the cervix breaks usually before labor or during labor,this sac ruptures and the fluid starts leaking.which is called water break. During the process,you would feel wetness in your vagina.usually it gets difficult to know whether it is urine or fluid.the fluid leakage is constant while urine would stop after a while. After the water breaks labor can start at any time.it can also be delayed to several hours .your doctor would keep monitoring the heart beat of baby to know if it is in any kind of distress. White discharge is common in pregnancy,unless it is itching and smelly,donot worry.
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Question: My daughter was born on 26th June 2018 and today the doctors diagnosed her with Jaundice...Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear.. neonatal jaundice is quite common in newborns,it is caused due to increase in billrubin value,can be checked after72 hours of birth,if the value is high, doctor will suggest phototherapy for few days,don't worry dear,it will gradually decrease,since you are breast-feeding you can have more water,juice,tender coconut,and feed your baby,it Wii helps in reducing billrubin value,after discharge show your baby in morning sunlight from 7-8am,it is rich with natural vitamin D,helps a lot in reducing billrubin value and it is a great immunity booster for newborns
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Question: my lmp was on 29th of june 2018. my test is positie .what to do now
Answer: consult your gynaecologist as soon as possible
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