13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My lmp was 20th july...have yet completed my first trimester????

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Answer: Yes u r about to complete first trimester.
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Question: Hello , Can i do waxing? I have completed first trimester.
Answer: Hello dear There's no evidence that waxing is unsafe, but it may not be advisable. Your skin is likely to be more sensitive and itchy now that you're pregnant, because of all the hormonal changes in your body. This may mean ur wax, and the regrowth of hair, is more painful than usual.
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Question: My lmp date was 3 January... How I will count my first trimester?
Answer: Hello dear. The development of pregnancy is counted from the first day of the woman's last normal menstrual period (LMP), even though the development of the fetus does not begin until conception, which is about two weeks later. ... Counting from the LMP, most women are pregnant an average of 280 days. Take care.
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Question: Hi..my last menstrual date was 7th July how many weeks pregnant i am. Have i crossed the first trimester?
Answer: So dear from 7july there r total 90 days nd today is 4oct .so tomorrow means on 5oct u completed 13 weeks .nd first trimester is of 12weeks . Now I r in second trimester nd till today u r 12weeks 6 days pregnant .gbu nd congrats for pregnancy dear
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