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Question: My Lmp was feb1st and upto which date i have to do sex for conceiving

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Answer: Hello dear. That depends on your period cycle. Ideally you ovulate 14 days before your next due periods so if for example your next periods are due on 4th March then you would have ovulated on 18th feb and your fertile days were from 16th feb to 18th feb. Hope it helps.
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    sikha raj34 days ago

    I hav 28day cycle

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Question: Hi my lmp date was june 30th my question is at present i am in which month and is it safe to do sex with my husband.?
Answer: Dear after 12 weeks if your pregnancy is not having any complication then you can have sex. Make sure there is not pressure on your stomach while you are having sex. To calculate the month I would need 30th of which month was your lmp. By your profile I can see you are 12 weeks pregnant which means you are 3 months pregnant. Hope it helps.
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Question: My lmp was 5feb when should i try to conceive and on which date i ovulate
Answer: You will be most fertile on 19 the Feb but while trying to conceive you should have intercourse between 16-20 regularly..
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Question: I was trying to conceive..and upto 30 may were my fertile days..and my next period are on 14th june..but i had sex these days ie non fertile days..does having sex after fertile days effect conceiving
Answer: Hello No it does not affect conceiving you are suppose to have sex on these days so the chances of conceiving increase due to ur ovulation and high fertility that us seen in your body on the ovulating days.
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Question: My last period date was 30th december' 2018. Then what will be my ovulation period? And from which date to which date we have to do sex to concieve? We are planning for a baby. Please help me
Answer: Its on 12 n 13 of jan
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