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Question: my LMP was 5th Nov. now the dr says it looks like only 6 weeks . she is unable to calculate the heart beat. and also she is saying delayed conception. but actually it should be 8 weeks as per my LMP. please guide

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Answer: Not every couple gets pregnant as planned with quite a number experiencing delayed conception for one reason or another. Fortunately, being unable to conceive within a certain timeline is quite normal and should not cause panic to a woman looking to get pregnant. Conception is the time after you ovulate and sperm meets the egg! Sperm can live 3-5 days. So you might have sex on say 10th, but might not ovulate till 13th, so conception would be on or just after 13th. its all depends on your time of sex, conception and then comes to LMP... so dont worry in early pregnancy there may not be developed heart beat, but wait and observe after two weeks or 1 week you will develop... all the best
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    Muskaan .1312 days ago

    thanks a lot .

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Question: My scan says delayed conception by 2weeks from LMP. So how should i count my no. Of weeks. Is it based on LMP or from conception
Answer: Hello! It will be based on lmp only. Inspite of late ovulation, lmp is considered to avoid any sort of confusion in the calculations. Take care
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