19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My vomiting is not controll and its already running 6th month..is it normal or what..

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Answer: Hi! First of all, congrats! I used to suffer too Eat toast on empty stomach first thing in the morning. I had bad nausea over my first trimester and half of my second trimester. Things that worked for me: 1) Having a snack immediately upon waking up. Like even before you get out of bed to brush your teeth. It helped me a lot. 2) Those lovely imli (tamarind/Puli) candy. 3) Oranges 4) I also had to be prescribed a pregnancy-safe medicine for really bad bouts of nausea. Do talk to your doctor. Hope you feel better soon & Take care.
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    passang Sherpa674 days ago

    Thank you for your suggestion......

Answer: It's normal..include more pomegranates in food chart
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Question: Is it okay if my nausea and vomiting already stopped or is it not a good sign??
Answer: Hello dear It is totally normal if suddenly ur nausea and vomiting stopped. There is nothing to worry as it is common to many ladies. Many women don't face any problem throughout their pregnancy while some faces it throughout their pregnancy. Just enjoy ur pregnancy as u are lucky enough to not have such symptoms.
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Question: Its 8 month running now and i am facing white discharge since yesterday is it normal or not
Answer: It's normal as it's nothing else but a sign that your body needs to be give coolant like more coconut water or lemon juice or something which cools down your body like White Mishri and Sauff mixed water.
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Question: Hii..my 6th month is running and i have problem of brownish discharge from my left breast..is it normal or not
Answer: Hi. Dear its called colostrum which is normal to leak during pregnancy. Its nothing to be worried . Even leaking of colostrum is indication that your breast are prepating them self for breast feed. But problem is that is sould not me brown in color. .so better to meet your doctor once.
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Question: 9 month is running spoting is it normal or not
Answer: Hi.. It is normal, however when ever you will see your gynaecologist inform her about it.
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