27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my virginal space was itching from yesterday night....I wash it with clean water and it stopped.can I use suthol liquid....with water to clean the place?

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Answer: Please dont use liquids or medications without asking your doctor. Itching can be Because there's an increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy, it can cause irritation of the skin of the vulva. So it could just be because of your discharge, or it could be a sign of an infection. Keep the area clean. Preferably wash with water and mild normal soap.
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Question: yesterday night some liquid was coming from nipples. What is it?
Answer: Hi dear, Prior to delivery,may be few months or weeks before,liquid that oozes out of breast is nothing but colostrum.the highly nutritious pre breastmilk.not many get to feel breastmilk leak,but few does.it is normal,as the body stets preparing the body for breastfeed.if you feel uncomfortable,you can also use breastpads.but keep the area clean and dry.this doesnot gaurentee more ,less or no milk post deliivery.you can also go through daily tips and are during pregnancy and post pregnancy,along with baby development on healofy' app.
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Question: Can i use soap and water to clean my insision
Answer: Hello! If the bandages have been removed and the stitches on both the sides have been cut then you can use soap and water. But only after 20-25 days of the delivery and not before that .take care
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Question: Yesterday night i seen water like discharge from my vagina and now it is normal
Answer: dont worry dear, its normal.. this is the process by which our uterus is cleaning through mucus.. if its white,wattery or creamy and little in quantity, and odourless. then its okk on the other side, if discharge is in yellowish or greenish ,large in quantity and had foul smell. then it may causes due to urinary infection, and pay attention, do to yr doctor immediately.
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Question: did i use v wash to clean my intimate area??
Answer: Yes u can use,it is safe
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