33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My usg shows baby weight is 1.5 kg in 32 weeks how to increase the weight

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Answer: Hello dear... To increase baby weight,include these foods in your diet will be helpful... whole wheat cereals fruits veggies dryfruits nuts paneer meat butter ghee milk
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Question: My fetal weight is 1.57 kg in 32 weeks.. Is it ok or how should I increase my fetal weight
Answer: Approx baby weight at 32 week of pregnancy should be 1.7 kg baby weight is a bit low so start having protein rich food have at least 500 ml of milk with protein powder price in today also have dry fruits, fruits, green vegetables, pulses, egg meat etc.
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Question: How can increase my baby womb weight my baby weight is 1.5 kg in 8th month
Answer: Hi, you need to increase your diet intake. Have 3 to4 servings of vegetables and fruits, handful of dry fruits, 2 glass of milk, 2 bowls of dal, legumes . Also include paneer, soya chunks, curd and whole grains.
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Question: Hello Doctor my baby weight is 1.5 kg is it fine in 32 weeks
Answer: The weight of baby at an average should be 1.7kg to 1.9kg in 32 weeks. Please discuss with your doctor further.
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