22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my urine was very dark in yellow is it normal

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Answer: Hello! Dark yellow urine could mean a sign of dehydration. Please have plenty of fluids to avoid it. Also it could be due to any multi vitamin supplement, if you are taking. In both the cases, please drink plenty of water.
Answer: It's normal. Drink lots of water.
Answer: Have lots of water dear..
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Question: My urine is coming in yellow colour.... In dark.... Why it was happening...
Answer: dark yellow urine means you are having less water since its summer you will need to have properly hydrated , food that have plenty of water like have at least 2 to 4 litre of water on daily basis ,also have coconut water , lemon water, fruits that contain water it will help you .
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Question: My urine colour is dark yellow is it normal
Answer: Hi dear, Dark yellow urine would be either due to concentrated urine,or recent medicines that you are taking.try drinking plenty of water and pass urine.see the difference.
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Question: My urine is dark yellow color.. is it normal?
Answer: Hi! If its the first urine, it cud be due to meds u r taking but if thruout the day its not right u need to increase the water intake.. Hope this helps!
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