18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my urine side paining i like killing itz pain a lot wht i will do mam

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Question: Hello,I have pain in my arms..itz like all of a sudden my arm started paining n severe pain occurs den.What I should do?
Answer: Hie Don't worry about it this is due to increase in the blood volume to meet the increasing need of your body and fetus Try practice gentle stretching and meditate to deal with it better
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Question: My baby will suck the nipples itz paining a lot..when I am breastfeeding..he will be sucking he not leaving really itz pains a lot...any advise if milk is enough to him or less
Answer: If your baby us sucking your nipples and you are feeling pain it's a sign that you are not producing enough milk. Nipples only pain when they are empty . So please eat foods that help in producing milk.Also please stop feeding the baby immediately when u feel the pain bcoz continuing feeding in pain will hurt nipples.
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Question: My right side breast n nipple is paining a lot, what should I do?
Answer: Keep hot water pack it ll reduce the pain or remove the excess milk n throw it from the breast ur getting pain
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