11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My urine is not passing alternative days using catheter at hospital..is it safe,? If any remady pls help

Answer: You need catheter for that and medical correlation. No home remedies are safe for this.
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Question: My baby is not passing urine at night is there any problem
Answer: Hello dear it not good and sign that your baby is not getting enough milk and not well hydrate. Plz check. If baby is mother feed then it is necessary that you take 8 to 10 glass water daily.
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Question: hi, my baby is 5 days old and is not passing urine enough number of times. she is passing stools frequently but not urine. pls suggest
Answer: Urine should be passed 5-6 diapers a day. If the baby is pasing less urine and also looks pale or more yellow then please see your paediatrician to rule out physiologic jaundice that can be corrected with phototherapy do not worry. You must breast feed baby for 10 times a day. Every hour feed must be given in children below 2.8 kg weight.
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Question: my babe is 15 days old..... he is not passing urine frequently...is tat any problem?
Answer: Yes feed him more frequently.. This shows he is getting dehydrated... And not getting enough milk.. Plz give him some top up milk and then check the urine output.. What about jaundice? If he is still having that yellow colouration then plz do increase intake of milk. Other it will aggregate
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