21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My urine getting leaked while sneezing. Is it common?

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Answer: Hello Yes it's very common and normal. Due to the pressure of ur uterus put on ur bladder controlling ur urine becomes tuf. So whn u cough sneeze or laugh very hard a little urine comes out.
Answer: Hi , this is common and can be due to pressure caused on the bladder.
Answer: Yup its common dear
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Question: I have dust allergy problem..often i am sneezing ..while sneezing forcely i m getting urine droplets is it normal?
Answer: Yes dear. Its normal. Due to loosening of pelvic muscles and ligaments in preparation for birth, we become unable to control it. It will resolve after delivery.
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Question: Hii moms, facing problem of urine leakage while laughing, caugh nd sneezing. Is it common r need to worry?
Answer: It is common during pregnancy and sometimes it indicate urine infection but no need to worry about it it's normal and most of the women face this problem. It is due to hormonal changes you maintain your diet well eat green leafy vegetables beetroot drumsticks iron rich foods cereals pulses milk and milk products which helps to reduce the infection and drink lot of water as it will help to reduce the infection. And keep you hydrated
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Question: i am passing urine while vomting and also while coughing and sneezing which is making me very uncomfortable.. may i knw if dis is common or serious
Answer: Its normal in pregnancy, have gud (jaggery) in khichdi before bed,u can see the results next morning
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