8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My urine count is more than normal and

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Answer: Hi dear it is fine to have frequent urine during pregnancy due to ur lower part getting pressure form ur glowing utreus. Make sure to drink proper water. If u still feed it is mote than average then do consult doctor and get ur diabetes check done.
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Question: My 6 month boy baby urine frequently .i.e more than 10 times. Is this normal. Normal urine count for 6 month baby
Answer: His feeding is good,that is why he is passing more urine.Dont worry.
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Question: My baby passing urine for more than 15 times a day... Is it normal
Answer: Yes it's normal....as if during winters kids they often pass urine
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Question: My baby passing urine more than 15 times day is this normal
Answer: Hi dear ,don't worry ..ur baby is perfectly healthy ......bowel movements are happening ......very normally ......try to keep the urinal area clean aways ,wipe with cloth ,apply baby powder that doesn't contain talc ,so that area remins dry ,tc
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Question: My baby urine frequently i.e more than 20 times a day. Is this normal?
Answer: Hello dear Ur baby's wet diapers shows how much feed ur baby is having. If ur baby is passing urine 20 times a day then it means ur baby is getting proper feed. So, don't worry and feed ur baby after every 2 hrs.
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