29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My upper thumb suddenly paining... Im in 7th month now is it any problem

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Question: Hii... Im in 7th month.. im warry about urination.. my urine is dark yellowish color.. is it any problem?
Answer: Hi dear .. in pregnancy urine colour changes, the reason of dark yellow colour urine is may be you are not drinking enough water, increase your intake of water. If still you se e your urine colour is not changing and you are feeling itching or bloody urine then consult to your dr. It may be due to urine infection.
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Question: Hi doctor suddenly I vomited in 7th month is it any problem ??
Answer: Hello dear may b wut u ate dint suit u.if u Hve continues vomiting check with ur gynec.
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Question: My upper abdomen is paining, its paining when i touch it, is there any problem?
Answer: It seems you have gastric problems.. ask your doctor wat meds you can take
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