25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My upper stomach getting big is there any prblm for normal delivery???

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Answer: No problem.. totally fine
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Question: My upper stomach is getting big s that any prblm tel me the reasons pls...
Answer: No it's completely normal. Depending on the position of the baby the stomach grows. There's nothing to worry. But in the last month u may have difficulty in sitting straight.
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Question: After delivery ..my stomach it is a big prblm ..how am reduce my stomach
Answer: It will b done wid regular exercise and dieting... No other option...
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Question: Is there any prblm hving big belly yestrdy i went to another dr. She told me whatvis thz is there any prblm to u u stomach is so big i cant feel baby im vry much woorid abt thz
Answer: hi dear, if you are overweight / fatty obviously your stomach is larger than compared to other expectant mothers. In fatty tummy there is a thick layer of fat under the skin causing problem in checking of fetal Heartbeat and fetal movement by the doctors. But it's doesn't affect your baby. Maintain a healthy diet don't eat double for your baby. Drink at least 8 to 10 glass of water daily. Walk for at least 30 to 45 minutes everyday. Hope this will help you, don't worry dear.
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