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Question: My ultrasound report shows single intrauterine feotus unstable lie what is the meaning

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Answer: Hello, Unstable lie means that the baby is moving and changing its position. until 36 or 37 weeks baby keeps moving now in whatever the position is in baby does not make any difference as baby keeps on changing the position until delivery time. Stay healthy and enjoy your pregnancy.
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    Mahima Arora30 days ago


Answer:  However, if the baby does not settle down at 36-37 weeks and still keeps changing position it is then called unstable lie. It is not a term to be used so early in pregnancy (at 19 weeks).
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Question: My ultra sound report shows single intrauterine feotus is unstable lie....what does meaning of this line..
Answer: That means single baby Unstable- baby not being in one place keep on moving This is not an issue so t worry
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Question: what is the meaning of unstable lie of baby?
Answer: Hello dear Your baby keeps moving around, sometimes until the last hours before birth. Unstable lie just means that the baby is changing his or her position, where all the babies do the same when they are in womb.. Don't worry at last weeks I mean during birth the baby position is generally fixed to cephalic which means the head is down towards the pelvic region
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Question: Pls help me my wife is 27week pregnancy but ultrasound report me single live fetus in unstable Lie
Answer: Don't worry unstable lie means baby is moving position nothing to worry it's normal term used in report
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