33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My ultrasound report shows different delivery date each time this time done at 32 weeks shows a week earlier EDD so which one is correct and when should i be expecting.

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Answer: Recent Ultrasound is more accurate. Because its based on baby's growth , position and development
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Question: My LMP is unkonwn....at 8 -9 weeks scan my EDD was shown 19th February bt now it shows 25th February... USG report shows different EDD at different time...which EDD should i consider?
Answer: Need not to worry that much about edd.. Take rest concentrate on ur baby movements n about on white discharge. If it comes r pain comes go to Dr.. Better to go on Dr date
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Question: Ultrasound EDD is different from LMP EDD, which is correct date of delivery.
Answer: Hello dear, scan report shows as per baby growth. That's why you can find difference between lmp and usg date. 1-2 week difference is nothing to be concern, so don't worry. You can consider your due date from lmp date. 
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Question: I have done 3 times ultrasound in i)37 week 4 days ii) 21 weeks 5days and iii)15 week 3days but all USG EDD are different which week should be correct one? Thanks
Answer: Hello, Dear scan shows the result after checking baby's position like baby's weight and length. You should go with you lmp date.
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