Few days old baby

Question: My two n half month old daughter was on both breast feed and formula feed,but now she is not accepting formula also, my milk is not sufficient for her I feel.....no matter she drinks r not she wants to be sucking my nipple always.....these days it has become so much that every time she wants to sleep she needs to be sucking ....tried giving her pacifier but it didn't work....pls suggest I'm feeling so frustrated

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Answer: Is c eat solid food...if yes thn gradually started avoiding breastfeeding by using sour thngs on nipple...it may works...my some relative use these thngs
Answer: thanksss
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Question: My baby is 15 day old ..da only thing she wants is suck.. is dis normal..shud i strt formula feed.... does she needs a pacifier?
Answer: Hello! Babies do not suck only due to hunger. They do it for comfort too, which is comfort nursing. Hence, try to hold the baby and talk to her. This might comfort her. Take care
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