40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My twins are 10 days old? I'm unable to bf both because of flow and time as both get hungry together. Sometimes I bf.. now they are not taking fm.. they don't like the taste and cry till I give them my milk. What should I Do? I can't keep feeding them bm 24 hours since they are twins.. bm is also not enough.. any suggestio s

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Answer: Try the football cradle position to be able to feed both the babies at the same time.. try and introduce fm slowly and gradually.. be patient.. all will be ell..
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Question: My twins boys of 45 days old they are taking bm and fm both.. one of them is doing green potty like heena (mehndi) is it nrml or shd i go to doc...
Answer: First of all you need to understand the reason for loose motions. 1. ) it could be due to cold. Normally in cold baby gets losse motions or do green potty. 2. ) formula milk may not be suiting. If your have recently started any new formula milk may be that is not suiting to ur baby. 3. ) something in your diet could have caused the loose motion if your baby is breastfed. Include banana and curd in your diet so that baby can get the benefits like binding and probiotic in breastfeed. And lastly please do not stop breastfeeding your baby as that is the best medicine to cure your baby so that antibodies are transferred to your baby through breastmilk. Also please consult doctor for medication. Hope i helped.
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Question: My twin babies have born at 37 weeks. Now they are 18 days old and are not getting enough breast milk. They cry a lot at night. Can I give them cow's milk?
Answer: Hi dear, Donot give cow milk befor 1 year of baby age.please give them formula milk .cow milk won't be suitable for their tummy as it is difficult to digest.babies could get loose motions.there are many formula milk brands in market like nan pro,similac,lactogen.choose one and start giving to your babies.formula milk is the next best milk after breastmilk.
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Question: I m mom of twins..both are very weak..born premature..2 kg each..they are on FM nan pro from the very first day..they are not gaining wt..what to do?
Answer: Congrats to new mamma...generally baby's gain weight 600 grms to kg every month..don't keep them on only FM.Give some BM also in a day..no problem they vl gain weight.wait for another month..
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Question: How to count the baby movements for twins, I feel baby movements but I don't know which baby is moving, and both of them are moving or not
Answer: Hi, you can count as usual for counting for single babies. lie down and count movements for 2 hours, if it less than 10 then contact your doctor. in case of twins more than movements, notice any changes in their usual movements whether they move more after food intake and now if they dont etc.
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