4 months old baby

Question: My twins are completely on cows milk for feeding, they are 4 months and 5 days old, but since 20 days after feeding babies are doing motion's frequently. What to do

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Answer: Hello, Dear this is be because of cow milk. Babies are very small and not yet ready for cow or buffalo milk. It's too heavy for them. Just give formula milk if breast milk is not coming.
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Question: Hello doctor. I have twins babies 1year old but they are very thin .what i do
Answer: Hi dear u should follow below diet chart for ur 1 year old baby.below is the diet chart for 1 year old baby. They need 1000 calories and three proper meals , 2 snacks in a day. Now u can find it easy to feed ur baby as  u can give sugar salt cow milk honey non veg to ur baby. Also now baby can have chewable food as now he or she much have got the teeth.  Below is a properly menu for each day of the week. U can plan accordingly.  8.00 AM BREASTMILK / FORMULA milk 9.30 AM  Ragi Porridge  Rava Upma  Homemade Cerelac Oats Pancake Moong Dal Cheela  Wheat Pancakes  One each day of the week 11.00 AM Sweet Potato Fries  Chiku  Watermelon Scoops   Halved Grapes Potato Wedges  Cucumber  One each day of the week  12.00 PM Roti Dal & Gobi Sabji  Kadhi Chawal Curd Rice & Rasam  Veg SOUP and bread rice, Dal, Green Beans.  Masoor Dal KhiChdi One each day ofthe week  5.00 PM Paneer Cubes   Green Smoothies Pumpkin Suji   Arbi Fingers   Fruit Smoothies  Beetroot Fingers One each day of the week 6.00 PM Play time 8.00 pm Roti and bhindi curry Steamed dosa Paratha and paneer Mixed flour roti Barley porridge Rice and egg curry. 
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Question: Can I start solids at 5 months 20 days.... My babies are twins born on 37 weeks... They are completely on formula milk because of my health issues
Answer: Hey congratulations finally your baby will be experiencing all delicious foid cooked by you. Its an overwhelming moment for both mother and baby. As baby will be tasting new array of food, breastmilk will still be major part of his diet. For intial few days don't expect your baby to finish of his meal. Its just got him to get used to the taste. Always feed one food item at a time. Don't mix sugar or salt to his food. Baby has never tasted it so he ll never know the difference. Now coming to meal planning- 7-8am Breastmilk 9-10am Breakfast (apple puree/Banana puree/ragi porridge /oats porridge /Barley porridge/Suji kheer 11-1pm Breastmilk 2-3 pm Lunch (rice/ moong dal/ Carrot puree/Potato puree/Pumpkin Puree/Cauliflower puree/Broccoli puree For rest of the day give him breastmilk. Once he is accustomed to the food and all chances of allergy and discomfort is eliminated you can include solids on dinner as well.
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Question: I have twins of 4 months, they are on breast milk and cows milk..can i introduce juices like apple,pomegranate, orange and grapes to them..pls suggest
Answer: Hi dear, First off all cow milk is not recommended for such small babies it's nutritionally not beneficial,and moreover babies get loose motions with cow milk.fruits juices can only be Introduced once baby is 6 months old.till then exclusive breastfeeding or formula feeding.instes of cow milk offer formula milk.
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