3 years old baby

Question: my twins are 2.11 years hers weight 11kg so give me some idea to grow them weight?

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Question: My twins are pre-mature and low birth weight. Please suggest some tips fir their proper care to make them gain weight.
Answer: The best thing which you can give your children is your precious milk, love and care. Feed them properly and as much as they want. You can give them oil massage. The oil massage will help them in nourishing their body. And above all you need to take good care of your diet. So eat healthy food and enjoy the gaund laddoes, dry fruits powder in milk, ajwain , etc. Because whatever you eat, your babies will get that only. All the best
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Question: My babies want to gain Weight give me some suggestions they are twins and 7months old
Answer: Hi! Dont worry about weight till the time your baby is active and meeting milestones. Since they r in their 7 th months you can include ghee, banana, sweet potato, pumpkin in thier diet also veggies khichdi is a good option fr babies to gain weight. Hope this helps!
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Question: Mine are twins so I have to keep them in diapers 24/7 is that ok?
Answer: It's OK if you maintain proper hygiene Change them at every 3-4 hrs. Change immediately after even a single drop of poop Put moisturizer before every change Use good quality of diapers Change whenever your baby is feeling irritated
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