12 months old baby

Question: My twelve month boy baby 's weight is 8.5 is it normal

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Answer: Hello! There is nothing to worry, as per the age the weight is fine. As long as the baby is active and achieving the milestones, there is nothing to worry about the weight. Take care
Answer: what is his birth weight?when ur baby reach 1 year he should gain triple of his birrh weight.eg if his birth weight is 3 he should get 9 when he reach 1 year
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Question: My baby is eight month old her weight is only 8.5 kg... Is it normal
Answer: Hi! Dont worry about weight till the time your baby is active and meeting milestones. He is doing gresat in termes of his weigght. Since she is in her 8 th month you can include ghee, nuts, banana, sweet potato, pumpkin in her diet also veggies khichdi is a good option. Good luck!
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Question: My baby boy weight is 8.5 kg he is 12 month is it normal
Answer: Your baby should have weight from 9 kg to 10.5kg by now. Sharing diet chart for your baby. Break fast. Dalia – Monday Stuffed parantha with vegetables --Tuesday Oats cooked in milk – Wednesday Mixed Veg Dosa – Thursday Cheela stuffed with vegetables – Friday Idlis/wheat halwa – Saturday Vegetable Poha – Sunday Lunch should comprise of all important nutrient rich dishes. Dal with chapatti/rice and veggie with curd – Monday Simple vegetable biryani and curd – Tuesday Dal with chapatti and seasonal vegetables and curd – Wednesday Paneer (cottage cheese) curry with chapatti/rice – Thursday Light chicken curry with chapatti/rice – Friday Fish curry with rice – Saturday Veg pulao and curd– Sunday Eveninv snacks Vegetable soup/milkshake made from your child’s favourite fruit/fruit smoothies. Dinner Offer something light and easy to digest food for dinner. Vegetable khichri – Monday. Pumpkin khichri with rice – Tuesday Dosa with sambhar – Wednesday Chicken soup and bread – Thursday A small vegetable pizza made with a wheat flour base – Friday Stuffed aloo parantha with butter – Saturday Rice and mixed daal – Sunday
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Question: my 8 month old boy weight is 8.5 kg.dr. said this s normal weight .but visually he's very lean . what to do.
Answer: hey...don't worry.. weight isn't just a number... as long as your baby is active and achieving milestones don't worry about his weight... take care
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