9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My tummy was not showing why?

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Answer: Hello, it's too early for the belly to get bigger at this stage , once you complete first trimester your belly will get little bit bigger but not noticable change you can find you can see noticeable change once you are in 3rd trimester you will see your belly will get bigger as the baby gets bigger . happy pregnancy !
Answer: Hi! The baby bump generally starts showing after 6 months and it grows with the baby. At 9 weeks your baby is 2.3 cm long and weighs about 2 gms. Give it some time it will grow along with the baby. Hope this helps!
Answer: Dear, it starts showing after 16th weeks and in some cases after 20 weeks is also called normal.
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Question: Im 23 weeks pregnant but my tummy is small. Why its not showing?
Answer: Hi dear your baby bump on your tummy depends a lot on your body type and body shape and your height if you are tall enough and enable care side it may happen that your tummy will show at the match later stage and will not be that big what you expect it be but if all your reports are normal and baby is growing well with a good weight please don't worry.. Hope this helps..
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Question: it's my first pregnancy I tummy is not showing
Answer: Around 25 weeks it will more visible.. nothing to worry..
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Question: My tummy not changes even I completed 8 weeks in last pregnancy it was started showing early
Answer: Every pregnancy is different. Please don't compare. Just wait till 12 weeks, you will also get little baby bump.
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Question: My tummy was not showing in my womb my baby was growing or not i am warryed about that.pls sugest me
Answer: U r just 17 weeks pregnant dont worry... Give some more time..
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