34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My tummy is small, if tummy is small then the baby's height ND weight will be less??

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Answer: Check your usg baby growth
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Question: What will be the reason of baby's weight not increasing?
Answer: Hi...As ur baby is very small so u dont worry about his weight. If ur baby is taking proper breastfeed and is active enough then u need not to worry as he will automatically gain weight because mothers milk contains all essential nutrients
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Question: What happens if the baby's growth is slightly less?
Answer: Well unless there is a major difference with baby growth ,bit to worry..I hd a growth lag of 2 weeks..but my baby was growing well and had delivered when I was full term..she's absolutely healthy now ...
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Question: My bump is small will my baby's weight will be less??
Answer: Dear sometime what happen is the skin is not stretchable to baby bump don't increase rapidly but that doesn't mean that baby weight is low so don't worry...
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