21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My tummy is not developing... But my anomaly scan is normal is there anything to worry about

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Answer: Don't worry..everything is normal..some may have big bellies and some may doesn't show much..it's depended on each individuals and their body type..!
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Question: Today i did my anomaly scan..baby's weight is 480 gms is it normal..my laws are shouting at me for less wait..is there anything to worry
Answer: My baby was 300gms during week 19.. Ur baby's weight is perfect and no need to panic.. U can even search in google, until week 28-30, maximum of babies weight will be in grams only.. And few will be above 1kg.. The actual fact is that, our old in laws have no idea about it.. When they were pregnant, not this much info was provided.. So they are blindly following idiotic strategies.. U pls dont mind these.. U concentrate on ur pregnancy.. Ur thoughts have more impact on baby dear.. Eat healthy food.. Stay healthy.. Be blessed..
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Question: My baby do not pass stool for 2 days...bt her urine is normal ....is there anything to worry about?
Answer: Its quite normal..some babies pass every 5days..jus feed it every 2hours..avoid spicy food...after 5days if its nit passing or crying excessively consult ur doc
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Question: I'm 19 week pregnant. In anomaly scan babies heart is present but not clear. Doctor suggest me to undergo anomaly scan after 2 week. Is there anything to worry?
Answer: Don't worry aftr2week u should try again God bless u
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