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Question: My tummy is big so plzzz tell reduce my tummy after c section

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Answer: Hello dear. I did yoga and walking which helped in reducing tummy but I waited for 3 month to do these after my cesarian. Before that I used maternity belt. I started using after 10 days of my cesarian. And it was relaly effective. Hope it helps.
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Question: How to reduce stomach after c section my tummy has become big
Answer: hi dear don't worry every woman stomach will become big after delivery and it will be alright in 6 months after delivery even then if your tummy size did not reduced you could do regular exercises and also can follow proper diet take more vegetables and fruits that helps to reduce body weight you can also take hot water with penalty Jurassic cardamom and Ginger you can add lemon and Honey with this water take this warm water on empty stomach every morning and night before bed this helps to burn the fat inside the stomach to continue this everyday
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Question: I had c section so my tummy is big how to reduce my tummy.?
Answer: Hi aap maternity belt use kigeye aur exercise Suryansmaskar walking belly exercise yoga kigeye diet achese rakhiye aur diet mein carbs fats junk food processed foods and packed foods sweet avoid kigeye. Help hoga take care
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Question: My tummy is big so plzz how to reduce my tummy after c section
Answer: hi this is normal that the moment develops gets an extra calories during pregnancy however you can try these which will help you should wear the belt after the delivery for 6 months you should also or followed this that you should drink and be quit water intake you should take more of fibrous food do not skip your milk mean eat every 2 hours you should avoid oily food and fried food and packed food you should eat more of cooked food you should eat more of fibrous food you should also eat a bowl of salad or a bowl of soup before you meal on this will help you . you should also take 3 to 4 servings of fruit cut down on carbs and sugary food
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