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Question: My tubes r blocked can i concive without surgery any other way

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Answer: Hi dear, I had the same issue and without surgery it's very tough. I got the surgerydone and after that I conceived. So best to go for it.
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    Ninalisha Dash217 days ago

    Thank u dear.... But my weight is heavy sooo can i conceive after surgery

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Question: My both fallopian tubes r blocked,is IVF possible without operation
Answer: Dear if both fallopian tubes are or blocked, the egg and sperm cannot find each other. This is called tubal factor infertility, and is basically amechanical barrier that prevents fertilization. Blocked fallopian tubes prevent natural conception, but in vitro fertilization (IVF) can by pass the tubes. And help in pregnancy. So please consult with a gynaecologist for further checkup..
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Question: Hello,is there any other process except HSG for blocked fallopian tubes
Answer: Hello dear To cure blocked fallopian tube try to do it naturally : 1. Quit smoking and drinking 2. Start meditation 3. Start yoga classes 4. Consider fertility massage the abdomen could help unblock your tubes 5. Avoid food containing hormones such ad animal meat which can affect a woman’s hormones like estrogen. 6. Apply castor oil on lower abdomen can open blocked tubes.
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Question: is any other way to feed cerelac without spoon ..?
Answer: yes...cerelac can be given with feeding bottles many brands r available at onlyn to feed cerelac easily
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Question: What is vaginal polyp Doctor told minor surgery required. But what will happen if it is left without removing. If there any other way to reduce it other than surgery
Answer: Hello, If the polyps are small and not causing symptoms, they may be left alone and watched to see if they go away on their own. Medication. Certain medications may shrink the polyps and lessen symptoms, however the symptoms typically recur once the medication is stopped. Surgical removal is necesaary i guess.
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