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Question: My tsh level is1. 96...i take 25mg eltroxin tablet daily empty stomach... Age is there any chance to become pregnant??

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Answer: If you're TSH level is normal on taking after eltroxin, there is no problem in conceive.
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Question: When I am 6weeks pregnant my tsh level was 19.23 then doc suggested me to take eltroxin I am 22weeks pregnant and my tsh level is 2.63..what the doses of eltroxin doses should I take ?pls help
Answer: Hi! The dosage will be prescribed by the Dr. please see your Dr. soon however congrats that it has come down a lot and within normal ranges. Dont worry you have been diagonised at the right time nothing to worry. you will be on medication which wud bring your levels under control..if proper medications are taken it will not affect the child. The baby will undergo a metabolic screening test after delivery which in most of the cases proved the baby to be safe. And sometimes food can aggravate the thyroid levels. So avoiding cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, turnip, radishes, peanut, soyabean, kale, spinach can also help maintaining thyroid levels. Limit the sugar intake to balance the thyroid levels. Increase the intake of good fats like avocados, olive oil, salmon, ghee. Do not worry about weight during pregnancy. Good luck!
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Question: When I am 6weeks pregnant my tsh level was 19.23 and doc suggested me to take eltroxin I am 22weeks pregnant and my tsh level is 2.26..what doses of eltroxin should I take?pls help
Answer: Hi dear, Thyroid is an important gland for overall function of our body.during pregnancy it's requirements increases.usually the normal level is 0.4 - 5.5, but pregnant mothers should maintain it below 3. However the new recommendations for tsh levels in pregnancy are the following: First trimester: less than 2.5 Second trimester: 0.2-3.0 Third trimester: 0.3-3.0. Dosage often requires fine-tuning, so continue to check TSH every 4 weeks during the first half of pregnancy,your doctor would tell you the right dosage.
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Question: I have my TSH level is 4.7..doc suggest me to take 25 mcg thyrox it ok..does it cause any affect to my baby?
Answer: Hello dear... Yes, thyroid medicine helps you in controlling,along with that follow these tips it will help you in reducing thyroid,if you started having medication it won't affect baby in any way, During pregnancy,the thyroid stimulating harmone (TSH) level,should be lower than level of non pregnant ,the level of thyroid during first trimester is 0.1-2.5,and in second trimester is 0.2-3.0,third trimester 0.3-3.0,the difference in these values lead to thyroid definiciency, there are two types of thyroid know as hyper and hypothyroidism,if you maintain stable thyroid value,it won't affect baby and you in any way Untreated thyroid condition can cause problem during,but many womens are well treated and yields healthy baby,those with hyperthyroidism will be more careful because Thier fetus has higher risk to develop neurological or IQ problem Precautions to control thyroid .. Intake of carrot and egg Include more carrot in your diet,it contain vitamin A,which helps in controlling thyroid gland and include egg too which too helps a lot Vitamin B rich foods. Vitamins like B complex like B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B7,B9,B11 will helps you in controlling thyroid,include foods like barley,cereals,green leafy vegetables,eggs,in your diet Ginger tea Make a habit of drinking ginger tea, regularly it will controls thyroid gland .. Vitamin D Vitamin D helps in vital source of thyroid gland,so start standing in morning sunlight for atleast twenty minutes will give you better results Coconut oil Include coconut oil in your diet,which will helps to control thyroid Rock salt Start using rock salt in your diet,which helps in effective working of thyroid gland
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