16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my troat is always getting dried even if I drink lot of water it is like that... what can I do?? any suggestions plz

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Answer: Avoid oily and spicy foods. Try keeping some lozenge in your mouth or chew sugar free gums... Donot overdo..
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Question: Hi iam 18 weeks pregnant.. I can't drink water like normal days . Even if i drink i felt nausea feeling what can i do
Answer: Hi dear yes it do ha0oens and don't worry it is just a phAse which will go soon. U have to make a target of having 10 to 12 glasses of liquid in a day. Even if u don't want to have water u can have some juices , shakes , soup ,fruits containing more water so that u can compunsate the water loss with other means. U can also mix glucose if u want to have but make sure u r not diabetic
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Question: Hi,im 14weeks pregnant,im getting itching in Virgina since 1month,i asked my gync she gave candid cream ,but if apply also no relief,plz give me suggestions,even im drinking lot of water and keeping dry always...
Answer: Vaginal itching is also seen in the cases of urinary tract infection so to be on a safer side you should get your urine analysis done to rule out the urinary tract infection infection which is very common during pregnancy
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Question: My lips are getting dry soon even if I take lot of water?
Answer: Apply Aloe vera gel or ghee in ur lips it will help. Once ur baby delivered apply ur milk in ur lips and skin.
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