17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My Trisomy 21 ratio is 1:279.do i need worry n go for a amnio test

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Answer: Hi Trimming 21 ratio normal cutoffs depends highly on ones age. If your age is 31 normal cut off value is around 1.228 and if your age is 32 cut off is around 1.33. So first of to analyze the risk you have to compare your age with these ratios and if they are on higher side there are increased chances of downs syndrome in baby ( some sort of mental disorder) . Your doctor would be the best person to access the situation and advise you with proper future tests and course to follow. Don't panic or stress just trust and follow your doctors advise. Good luck
Answer: I am 29
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Question: Hii.I m 3 months pregnant.I went for double marker n N.T. ,,N.B. test.my ratio is 1:279 for trisomy 21 and 1:10000 for trisomy 13/18.its 383 for trisomy 21+NT.my report showed trisomy 21,13/18negative.dr.advised me to go for amnio test bt it is with risk of miscarriage.what should i do,can anyone suggest anything??
Answer: You belong to a low risk category with your values. Since the test has mentioned that all 3 trisomy's are negative,I dont think there is much u need to be worried about. If your doctor still wants you to go for an amniocentesis ,you may go for one but take an opinion of another gynaec in your area
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Question: I have tested positive for double marker test with a ratio of 1:146 trisomy 21 . My doctor has suggested amniocentesis... Is it something to worry??? I'm getting very tensed....
Answer: These test are screening test only s , it gives information about risk but doesn't give the definite diagnosis of any condition so amniocentesis is necessary to confirm the diagnosis So follow your gynacologist opinion and follow accordingly. Take care
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Question: At 10 weeks my double marker test has screen positive for Trisomy 21. The ratio is 1:55. Pap A is low. What are the chances?
Answer: There can be a risk of chromosomal abnormality, consult your doctor to confirm on this if required other confirmatory test can be suggested.
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