19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my triple marker test is positive... trisomy 21 is 1:105..so tell me about it..and it's 100%sure result or not?

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Question: In triple marker test -trisomy 21 risk at term 1:95.and trisomy 21 positive .what i should i do???give me answer immediately please
Answer: Hi It shows that your baby is at a risk of getting downs syndrome. Your doctor will advice you a few more screening tests to confirm this reading. If in other tests also baby falls in high risk group you will be adviced to get a diagnostic test like cvs or amniocentesis done. Consult your doctor to know more about these tests and its side effects all the best
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Question: What should i do if Triple Marker Test is positive(trisomy 21 is increase risk)
Answer: Hi your doctor will advice you for few more screen tests. If even those show high risk you will have to undergo a diagnostic like amniocentesis or CVS which are confirmatory tests. Please consult your doctor to know abut the procedure and side effects/complications of these tests
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Question: Hi , my triple marker test result is trisomy 21 > 1:50 and trisomy 18 normal. Is trisomy 21 range normal
Answer: Check for NT scan results and double marker test. Usually triple marker test do show such results. To be sure go for second opinion and further test.
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