18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My thyroid TSH level is low and value is 0.217. how this can be improved and what is the impact of low TSH in pregency. It is a common symptom or anything serious.

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Answer: Oh it is hyperthyroidism..you need to consult doctor
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Question: My TSH value is 4.7 and I Took thyronorm 25. This level of thyroid cause any problem in baby's growth?
Answer: Hello Dear thyrodism or thyroid usually increase in pregnancy as it has high intensity which cannot be ignored. Actual normal thyroid level is from 0.03 to 5 but in pregnancy women should maintain less than three. Yurs is just on a bit Higher side so I would suggest yu should keep checking it every month n do as yur doctor ask yu to. Maintain a healthy lifestyle n eating habits n walk daily. Take care
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Question: My thyroid tsh level is 5.11 and am having trouble in swallowing...is it a symptom of cancer
Answer: HI, difficulty swallowing is not a definitive sign of cancer . to diagnose cancer,other tests and results are needed.the swallowing difficulty could be due to sore throat or some GIT problem.tsh level is a bit on the higher side and could indicate hypothyroidism if thyroid hormones are decreased.
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Question: Tsh level is 3.56 is it symptom of thyroid
Answer: Yes, this is pregnancy triggered thyroid. Hence you need to take medicine. Also have plenty of vegetables and fruits, include eggs and carrots as they have vitamin a.
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