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Question: My thyroid tsh level is 5.11 and am having trouble in it a symptom of cancer

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Answer: HI, difficulty swallowing is not a definitive sign of cancer . to diagnose cancer,other tests and results are needed.the swallowing difficulty could be due to sore throat or some GIT problem.tsh level is a bit on the higher side and could indicate hypothyroidism if thyroid hormones are decreased.
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Question: what's the reason of itchiness in breasts, is it a symptom of breast cancer?
Answer: Hello, No dear!! It's not a symptom it's not a sign of breast cancer. Itching can be because of the increasing of the size of your breasts because of milk filled in it so don't worry just keep your breast well moisturize all the time with oil or cream and itching will be on fine .
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Question: Now I am having a increased level of TSH with a range of 5.1 and I am taking tyrosine tablet.Is there any problem?Is thyroid curable?
Answer: Hello dear Your doctor will most likely test your thyroid hormone levels every 4 to 6 weeks for the first half of your pregnancy, and at least once after 30 weeks. Dont worry if proper medication is taken then it will not affect ur pregnancy
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Question: I am 11 week pregnant. I got my thyroid test report. T4 level is 2.8 and TSH level is 4.4 . My TSH level are high. I am worried
Answer: Immideatly consult doctor and as per my knowledge there would be some injection which you need to take .so consult the doctor asap
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