10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My thyroid level ia 9.76..m having 25 mcg. Is it right ???

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Answer: Check with your doctor...I believe your dosage needs to be increased
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Question: My thyroid level is 4.58 in 6th week pregnancy. I am on 75 mcg thyroid..
Answer: Don't worry I m also thyroid patient.. in pregnancy thyriod level will increase keep on ur dose
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Question: My thyroid level is 9.76..m in 9th week..m taking medicines 25mcg...m worried will throid affect on my baby..
Answer: Hi dear, Thyroid deficiency would definitely effect t the growing baby,but it can be prevented with eight dose of thyroid suppliment.since in pregnancy the requirement of thyroid increases ,so you might have to increase the dose accordingly.so donot worry as such,increase the dose right away.talk to your doctor.
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Question: is thyroid level of 3.86 normal at 36 weeks pregnancy.. i m taking 25 mcg thyronorm also my haemoglobin is 10.5 ..
Answer: No thyroid must be below 3 , talk to your doctor, he might increase the dose to 37.5 mg, as I had similar problem in my pregnancy and my doctor increased the dose Hemoglobin is fine but try to improve it
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