2 months old baby

Question: my throat is paining a lot due to cough..n m on breast feed. wat to do😥

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Answer: Salt water gargle: This is a simple yet efficient treatment. Dissolve two teaspoons of salt in a cup of hot water, gargle and spit. Repeating it frequently all through the day will give desired results, as salt has antiseptic properties. .Lemon-honey water: Squeeze one lemon into a glass of warm water, mix two teaspoons of honey and drink slowly or sip. Yes, honey is not advisable for babies less than one-year-old, due to the risk of infant botulism but there is no known risk if a nursing mother consumes it. Steam inhalation: Regular steam inhalation can relieve dryness and nasal congestion. You may have it with menthol crystals. Warm fluids: Consume warm fluids like drinks or soups to lessen the itchiness and irritation in the throat. They also boost immunity and nutritional intake.
Answer: first thing is gargle in salt water every now and then , you can make a decoction of ginger sugar allow it to boil then add a spoon of honey and a spoon of lime juice , always try to keep your throat wet take little sips of Luke warm water don't use Vicks or minti or strepsils just take some orange candies if it is intolerable in the night take a levocetrizine tablet along with vitamin C this will not affect your baby we use a herbal remedy here in our place we take a pinch of licorice powder mix it in honey and take it every morning after all if iflt still persists then surely visit your doctor because there is a risk of infection to your baby
Answer: gargling is a best option. also nowadays there is one ayurvedic goli called kanthika is very hit in the market. I have tried myself also. u just have to keep 2 golis in ur tongue and keep taking its juice inside. do this in regular intervals. it is very effective.
Answer: Take ginger garlic in your diet so that it decrease ur cough. you can also take tulsi leaves . u can feed your baby. And once consult the doctor. and b carefull that little one should not get the cough
Answer: mix 1 sppon honey and pinch pepper powder in it... have this 2 or 3 times.. n gargle little hot water with salt
Answer: do gargle every hour with hot water n black salt, drink kaadha, and take ginger juice with honey .
Answer: gargle with salt warm water 5 times a day. drink ginger tea. consume only warm water.
Answer: Try having some lukewarm water throughout d day
Answer: do gargling and u can take steam.
Answer: take ginger juice WD Honey
Answer: gargle warm salt water
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