3 months old baby

Question: My three month baby just turning and he used to side lying position to sleep whole night is it ok to sleep at side position

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Answer: No dear best position for your baby to sleep is to sleep on his back it's not a good to sleep on his sides for a baby
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Question: My sleep alot is that ok? He only play 5 to 6 hrs in a day otherwise whole night and mid day he used to sleep
Answer: Hi dear Yes it is ok... Sleep help to develope the brain... Slowly when he grows up the hour of his sleep reduce.. And feed him proper interval of time
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Question: My baby age about 1 month 7 days can make her to sleep side lying position during the night time because she sleep wel in side lying position
Answer: Any position is good for ur baby but the best sleeping position for ur baby is sleep on back. But u should frequently change the position of baby as baby can get reshape of head while sleeping in a single position.
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Question: Hi...My baby is always in sleep at day time... he used to sleep 6 and 7 hrs deeply ... and at night he used play...Is it normal??
Answer: Hi, babis font have a sleep cycke. We need to help develop one. This one is perfectly fine
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