7 months old baby

Question: My 7 th month baby put all things in mouth plzz tell how to control him

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Answer: It is a common practice with every babies. Babies put everything in their mouth in order to discover the taste and texture of objects. It can also be a sign that ur baby's tooth is about to come. It is not easy to stop babies from putting everything in mouth.. This practice will be gng on increasing by 12 months. By two yrs ur baby will start putting his fingers and by the age 3 most babies will stop putting objects in the mouth
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Question: My baby put his fingers in his mouth and sucks,how can i stop him?
Answer: Hello Dear, Distract your child,Give your child plenty of toys with which to play during the day,Keeping your  child busy is the easiest way to distract from sucking his or her fingers.Have a hands-on activity or toy ready for your child if you notice him or her putting a hand or fingers toward the mouth.
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Question: My baby putting all things in her mouth how like forget that habit
Answer: Always engage the baby in different activities while trying to put something in mouth.don't kept that items , where the baby reaches
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Question: My baby is 7 months old n he used to put erevything in his mouth...is this infectious for him??
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 7 months old dear its common .ba its put every thing in mouth .So dear u have to take care of this .clean babies toys as it shouldn't be dusty. If baby puts any thing dusty it can cause stomach upset .so take care of ur baby .as always Check every things clean or not .try it
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Question: My daughter put everything in her mouth..how to control it
Answer: Hahahaha its common leave it
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