16 weeks pregnant mother

My teeth is bleeding sometimes. Is any problem with that

It's common in pregnancy.. Just cool
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Question: White bleeding is going and with that brown bleeding is going any problem or it's normal
Answer: If you are facing slight blood spotting with abdominal pain you must consult gynecologist because it is very common although to have bleeding in early week and now you must visit your gynecologist every 10/15 days to get a general check up done. But in 25 weeks bleeding is not common. also note if you are feeling pain in your vagina or you feel slight contractions you can be having abdomen cramps and early bleed and that might be a cause for blood spotting a bleeding in Placenta may also be a cause. ( low lying placenta). so check if your sonography report mentioned that you have a low lying placenta which should be monitored . Also tell me if you had intercourse recently having intercourse during pregnancy and in early weeks does cause bleeding a little spotting even after then immediate trans vaginal ultrasound it happens that minor bleeding is seen so if you are bleeding and spotting is not followed by a cramps or vomits then do not worry this can be normal but a checkup is important take care
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Question: I am 8 week pregnant with twin and yesterday night I had bleeding with one tissue without any cramps. Is that any problem with my babies?
Answer: Yes get it checked!! Could be a case of vanishing twin!!
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Question: Today in motion I got bleeding is that any problem to baby..Plzzz help me with any remedy
Answer: Hello dear Blood in ur stool is often caused by a small rectal tear or Haemorrhoids. It is very common in pregnancy as the larger uterus places more pressure on the blood vessels in the lower belly because of which blood can be seen in ur stool
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