15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My susu it self come out in my pajama .i cannot control it what to do

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Answer: Dear the leakage of urine during pregnancy is completely normal because as the baby grows it puts a lot of pressure on your bladder. so you cannot hold the urine for long time. so if it is leaking frequently then its advisable to get it checked by a doctor and also stay hydrated...don't stop or hold your urine ,whenever you get a small urge of urine go to washroom directly.
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    Dipti AgarwaL30 days ago

    Thanks for your advice

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Question: Hello my baby wet his pajama how to i give susu traning
Answer: Hii u can follow below steps to give her training for the same.  slow and steady  Try to be patient when training your baby while he tries to inculcate this new habit. It takes time to form a habit.  Time It well   Begin with every 10 minutes trip to the toilet.  As baby comes in terms with the habit increase the time slowly to 20 mins and then more.  Manners in public  Have your own mommy-baby code words or some signals that are not embarrassing in the public to know when your baby wants to poo.  Appreciate it Every time your baby follows the pooping and  peeing rules you have to load him with love and appreciation.  Be a superhero  Relate the practice of going to the toilet as  a superhero habit of your baby’s favourite cartoon character and he will follow the lead.  The right sizer Sometimes baby might not like to sit on the adult pots so you can switch to pots specially designed for toddlers. 
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Question: I have itching in my vagina. Sometimes it increases so much that i cannot control .plz help me what to do.
Answer: Avoid spicy food, drink lot of water.. and if it persist then tell ur doctor about it..
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Question: My father has diagnosed with cancer and i m too worrid cannot keep myself out of tension .. all time i m crying .. i cannot control .. everyone telling me to keep myself out of tension .. but i m unable to do that .. is it harmful too my baby ?? What may happen with my baby ??
Answer: Hi everything is not in our hard just pray to hard for your dad.of u r continues feeling stress tension and being sad means baby will not be good . When mom feels happy then only baby also feels happy.right now just think about baby. Babies r like our reflection if u r happy they will happy . Medication level also good for us dont worry about your father
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