29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my sugar level tests always comes vry fine . 2-3 times it has been done. Only once when GTT test ws done the one after 2 hrs dat ws a bit high . dr. said to stop sugar intake. but i took normal sugar which i used to took earlier. then again after 15 days normal sugar test hua it ws absolutely normal m confused mujhe sugar lene se koi prob hai ya nhi y mere baby ko koi prob na ho

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Answer: ap hba1c test krva lo confirm ho jayega k apko suger h ya nhi
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Question: Hi all my gct test after 2 hrs of 75gms sugar came as 137...is it normal... Should I take gtt test?
Answer: yes it's normal dear, normal range for GTT: fasting: 94, after an hr: 180, after 2 hrs: 155.
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Question: i need to get gtt test done with 75gm glucose taken for 2 hrs. my question is do they also take blood sample before taking the glucose? i mean one sample on fasting and another sample after glucose intake?
Answer: Some gynaecologist ask fasting with 75gms OGCT. Some ask 75gms OGCT. Sometimes it is deponding upon your random blood sugar. If ur random glucose level is little bit high or in border line dr may ask the both.
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Question: Hi ! I'm 35 weeks 3 days pregnant. My GTT (75 gms) was 86 in fasting and 98 after 2 hrs. It was all normal. Within a month my sugar level shoot up and now I'm taking insulin 3 times a day. Can you suggest the foods I should intake to control my sugar level?
Answer: hi dear I am so sorry to hear that that your sugar level was all normal and it shot up all of a sudden.. please avoid sweetened stuff, whire bread, maida, pasta, dry fruits trans fat means packed and canned items. Hope this helps!
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