31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my sugar level is high.. after food sugar test level is 155 ... doctor suggest me glycomet... is it safe to taking during pregency... can anyone suggest me pls

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Answer: Glycomet contains Metformin hydrochloride and the drug of choice for Gestational diabetes as u are falling in the criteria of gestational diabetes becoz ur sugar levels are on higher side. There is no side effect at all on taking Glycomet.
Answer: Hi dear, Glycomet contains Metformin which is considered safe through out the pregnancy. It controls the sugar levels in gestational diabetes cases. So continue the therapy.
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Question: Hi anyone please tell me my sugar level after taking dinner is 125 is it high
Answer: Hi dear it is on borderline. The blood sugar level after meals should be less than 129 of a pregnant woman. Try cutting down on your sugar and sugary foods. If you get cravings you can binge on fruits or honey instead of sugar. I hope this helps
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Question: I am 33 week pregnant women. My sugar level is 165 after lunch. My sugar level is high. my doctor suggested me glycomet 500 tablet. is it safe?
Answer: hello dear yes its safe dont worry.. control your diet, go for walking in the morning and evening.. then drink plenty of water and proper rest are important
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Question: Currently m in 33 weeks..can anyone tell me is it safe to eat bitter gourd, Since my sugar level is high..I heard consumption of bitter gourd control sugar level..pls suggest me
Answer: yes u can but in an limit . once u consult dr so tht u ll b knowng whtr u body is resist to it or not
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