35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My sugar level is 174 after two hours of glucose and 185 after one hour of glucose

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Answer: hi it is a high level it is advisable to consult to doctor for proper levels of medications you should also maintain a good that you should avoid sugary food and items totally you should also cut down on the harms you should also avoid tried and oily food you should take regular walks which will help to maintain the proper sugar levels in the body if the sugar levels remain Hai it can be the cause of preterm delivery
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Question: My fastng sugar level is 87 but my sugar level after one hour of lunch and dinner are 155 and 185 respectively... Do i hv sugar?
Answer: Yes it's called gestational diabetes.... the normal is 90 fasting and 130 post meal... consult your doctor... u may need medicine and quantified nutrition... this can be controlled so don't worry... I also have this problem... I eat everything but very less quantity... stop eating rice sugar maida and fried food.
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Question: my fasting sugar level 80 ,angd after drinking glucose water wtn one hour it s 160, two hours value s 130, I'm I diabetic?
Answer: Hello No u r not a diabetic but one of ur value is high speak to ur doctor abt the reason this happened cos If u have Gd then u ll need to be put on a special diet.
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Question: Hi dear doctor after two hours of drinking glucose what is normal sugar range..and after two hours of taking meals what is normal sugar range?
Answer: generally it is considrered below 140 in both the cases..but if it would be below 130 then it is normal..bcoz 131to 140 is taken as borderline sugar..n in this situation doctors start to take another precautions like again n again tests n in condition which is very near to 140,they suggest to avoid sugar completely n start medications..
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