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Question: My staring weight was 47 and now my weight is 65.is this normal weight?

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Answer: No Its not normal get your sugar doen. Consult your doctor too
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    Alka Singh190 days ago

    I have also gained 20 kgs and have had sugar test done which was negative. So probably not a problem . Get your GTT done anyways if mot already done.

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Question: Hello.. this is my 12th week of pregnancy and m losing weight. I was 68kgs earlier but now m around 64 or 65 kgs. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear. During first trimester the vomiting and nausea does cause weight loss as you do not eat much and for the growth of pregnancy the body uses ur stored fat. So there is nothing to be worried usually women catch up the weight gain in secons and third trimester. Hope it helps.
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Question: When i m pregenent my weight is 65 .and now is it 71 .is it normal
Answer: Hi dear, You can expect an increase of 12- 18 kgs of weight in your whole pregnancy. Excessive weight gain can lead to complications like gestational diabetes.you can start eating smaller meals instead of larger meals.avoid sugary food and refined food. Start mild exercises daily.
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Question: my baby is 47 days old and his weight is 3.81 kg. Is this normal weight or not
Answer: hello dear the weight of 1 month baby ranges from 3.4 - 5.7 kg so dont worry ... breastfeed him well for very two or three hours.
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Question: My weight now 47 is it okay??
Answer: Hi dear Don't bother about ur weight during pregnancy...Actually we can increase our weight upto 25 kgs by the end of the pregnancy from ur normal weight..so check ur weight every time u visit the doctor. Have a healthy and nutritious diet for ur baby...hope this is helpfuk
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