8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My sore breasts arent sore anymore! Is this normal??? I am 5/6 weeks pregnant and the last few weeks I've had cramping and sore and enlarged breasts. The last few days I've had no cramping and no soreness. I dont think I'm tired (more than usual!!) and dont have sickness although I dont really have an appetite for anything. Anyone else had sore breasts that have then dissapeared this early? I'm worried that its a bit early for the soreness to stop. I know people are saying that its lucky not to have symptoms but its worrying too. Does anyone know when/how long breast soreness is a symptom for?

Answer: I didn't had soreness in breast for my two pregnancies... Its normal only
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Question: My LMP was on 29th sep and no period since then. Usual cycle range is max 25 day cycle. I Tested twice its coming Negative. breasts have little enlarged and sore nipples. When should I test ?
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Question: My 36th week is running.. I want to know is there any discharge from breast is necessary in pregnancy.. I have no itching, no soreness and no discharge from my breasts.
Answer: hello dear its good for u then. its not compulsory that every pregnant lady will suffer from all symptoms.each pregnancy is different... if u dont have such problems then enjoy yr pregnancy dear... eat healthy, take proper care and rest... god bless u
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Question: hello! Does anyone had heavy implantation bleeding? I'm feeling some of the symptoms like lower back pain, sore breasts, sleeplessness, light cramps etc.. took a test and it came negative. I'm not sure what is actually happening 😐
Answer: Do blood HCG test.so u will confirm that u r preg or not.take care
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