7 months old baby

Question: My son will always start crying, if i feed him.. After that he will end with vomiting.. What to do to stop crying and eat peacefully??

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Answer: You can offer your kids different kinds of foods such as 1.Home made Vegetable soup 2.kichidi 3.mashed fruits 4.dry fruits 5.Ragi You can try all kinds of foods Give good amount of fruits dry fruits Ragi malt is very good for haemoglobin and immunity development You can give it in form of porridge If you prepare according to their taste they will eat Don't feed them atleast one hour before any meal because they need to feel hungry Don't force if they feel hungry only give it is tough but after some days they understand they have to eat
Answer: Hey dear please dont force your baby to have food. If u will continue forcing him the he will never have food. U have to come up with different ideas to make food fun. You can give give him his own plate. Or u can bring his food in ur own plate. U can give him something to eat while singing song or a story. If he dont like food in first time try same food after one week. It takes time for baby to develop and accept a type a tast.
Answer: Use Woodward water daily 3 times 1 spoon.. it is very helpful...morning 6am and after noon 12pm, evening 6pm..like that once u try it.
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Question: Can we use pacifier to sooth the baby ? my new born is always crying and if I use a pacifier he feels relaxed and sleep peacefully after that he throws the pacifier out.Is that safe to use??
Answer: It is safe to be used dear... but increasing the dependency on the pacifier isn't a good thing as it can affect your baby's teeth structure...so please limit its usage..
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Question: Hi my baby is 1 month old he s very cranky in the evening he want me to feed him continuously, i will feed him for 40mins after that if i stop him he ll start crying with high pitch and suddenly passes urine and again he feels hungry and he wanna me to feed him if i take out my nipple from his mouth he starts crying and pass urine it will continue for 3 to 4 hours what should i do please suggest me
Answer: He might have gas apply hing paste near naval but make sure it does not go inside the naval
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Question: My son will take my feed only if I give in sleeping position...if I sit and feed him he s refusing and crying.. Wat will be reason and how to overcome with dis
Answer: It might have become practice to baby. When he cries feed in sitting position only
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